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    The character, Fergus the Horse, was created by Jean Abernethy in 2000, after 15 years of cartooning horse characters. Fergus' first appearances were in editorial illustrations, gracing equestrian periodicals across the U.S. and Canada, entertaining with humor, history, and teaching training methods. With his stablemates of various breeds, Fergus has evolved through newspaper comic strips encountering all kinds of hilarity from snowmen, to armadillos, to spaceships. In 2012 Fergus found Facebook, and zoomed around the world winning the smiles of over 300,000 fans, all the while remaining undeniably a horse. An anthology of Fergus comics, The Essential Fergus the Horse, was published in 2015. Now Fergus has taken up story-telling with two book titles, Fergus: A Horse to be Reckoned With, and Fergus and the Greener Grass. With two feet planted in the world of equine intelligence, and the other two standing in the bewildering land of human logic, Fergus is marvelously effective at showing us how human we are.

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    Jean Abernethy has been producing equestrian-related illustrations and cartoons for over 35 years. She has created illustrations for books, instructional diagrams, comic strips, humorous editorial cartoons, and fantasy illustrations for young readers. Jean has also written and illustrated three books of her own, featuring Fergus the Horse. Having dabbled in saddle-making, having worked as a barn hand, a carriage driver, a trail guide, Jean's work as an equestrian artist has taken her coast to coast, to farms and events where she's been involved with a wide variety of horse breeds, sports, and disciplines.

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    • About Fergus and the Greener Grass

      "Everyone loves Fergus!" say reviewers, and now the opinionated cartoon horse, and bona fide social media star, is back in an all-new comic adventure. In his third book, Fergus catches a glimpse of what could be, and leaving his life of comfort behind, sets off on a hilarious journey. His exploits lead him over, under, and through all manner of obstacles as he strives to reach the bigger, better prize that beckons, always just a little farther away ... and on the other side. Featuring the talented Jean Abernethy's hysterical illustrations and scenes replete with supporting characters as amusing as their endearingly awkward hero, Fergus and the Greener Grass promises to entertain any reader with big dreams and an insatiable appetite for life's little surprises — whether age 5 or 95!

      Fergus and the Greener Grass book trailer at YouTube.

    • About Fergus: A Horse to be Reckoned With

      Fergus, the cartoon horse with an international following — now a bona fide social media star — is back! Following up the immensely popular 2015 release of the rollicking comic-strip treasury The Essential Fergus the Horse, this new book explores the rise and mass acceptance of natural horsemanship training techniques via a comical conversation between Fergus and 'The Lad,' a young boy who is determined to ride him. Hilariously expressive illustrations and clever verse depict the dialog between horse and human as The Lad maintains his amiable approach, regardless of Fergus' doubtful reactions and claim of equine superiority. Both endlessly entertaining and intentionally educational, Fergus: A Horse to Be Reckoned With is certain to inspire laughter in adult readers while making a positive impression on young, would-be equestrians.

      A Horse to be Reckoned With book trailer at YouTube.

    • About The Essential Fergus the Horse

      In the year 2000, a little bay horse with white socks and a blaze was born. Dubbed 'Fergus,' he has now traveled the world many times over by print, web, and satellite, inspired a line of merchandise, and gained a devoted following in the hundreds-of-thousands on Facebook and other social media. Who is this horse and how can we explain his magnetism? What makes him so special? Fergus the Horse (Equus hilarious) is the creation of Jean Abernethy, and the truth is, he isn't meant to represent any one breed or discipline. Perhaps it's this generic 'everyhorse' quality that's led to his popularity. "When fans write, 'Fergus reminds me of my horse,' I cannot be paid a higher compliment," says Abernethy. And it's his expressiveness, honesty, charm, and keen sense of humor that truly wins our hearts. Now Abernethy has brought together the back-story of Fergus the Horse — how he came to be, his early years, the history of his 'friends' — and combined it with his 'greatest hits,' including most-loved comic strips, some personal sketches, and brand new additions. The result is a lively, colorful, highly illustrated treasury that will entertain anyone with an eye for a horse and a need for a laugh.


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